Pendant Lights

Pendants are a great feature item when used correctly in your space. There are so many different options available which makes it easy to find the one that suits your needs. Pendant lighting is a great way to add lighting over a dining room table, kitchen island or coffee table. Let's take a round dining table for example, having cascade pendants at different legths is a great way to bring focus to your area as well as offer light when dining. When needing to bright up a kitchen island, having three seperate pendants hanging within a line work just as effectively than having one long single unit. At Furnatical we love lighting! Especially pendant lights. Our range comes in a large variety of designs including contemporary, traditional, industrial and scandinavian. Free delivery is included with all lighting purchases but we do recommend you getting an electrician in to install!

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  • Eichholtz Princess Gracia Lantern

  • Eichholtz Cameron Lantern

  • Eichholtz Capitol Hill Lantern

  • Eichholtz Conelly Hanging Lamp

  • Eichholtz Residential Small Lantern

  • Eichholtz Residential Lantern

  • Eichholtz Arcadia Lantern

  • Eichholtz Mistery Lantern

  • Bontempi Casa Strega Ceiling Light

  • Eichholtz Yorkshire Hanging Lantern

  • Eichholtz Owen Hanging Lantern

  • Eichholtz Place Des Vosges Lantern

  • Eichholtz Hainaut Lantern

  • Eichholtz Hagerty Lantern

  • Eichholtz Bexley Glass Lantern

  • Eichholtz Luna Lantern

  • Eichholtz Dufour 4 Light Lantern

  • Eichholtz Kléber Lantern

  • Eichholtz Redcliffe Lantern

  • Bontempi Casa Gloria Ceiling Light

  • Cattelan Italia Byblos Ceiling Lamp

  • Cattelan Italia Hublot Ceiling Lamp

  • Contardi Muse Pendant Lamp

  • Contardi Cornelia Pendent Lamp

  • Contardi Treasure Pendant Lamp

  • Contardi Treasure Suspension Cluster of 3

  • Contardi Divina Suspension Light

  • Contardi Divina XL Suspension Light

  • Contardi Eclisse Ceiling Light

  • Contardi XXL Suspension Lamp

  • Contardi Messalina Pendant Lamp

  • Contardi Calypso Antigua Pendent Light

  • Cattelan Italia Kidal Ceiling Lamp

  • Contardi Audrey Pendent Light

  • Contardi Belle Pendent Light

  • Contardi Kubric Pendant Lamp

  • Contardi Kubric Cluster of 5 Suspension Lamp

  • Contardi Kubric Cluster of 10 Suspension Lamp

  • Contardi Calypso Guadaloupe Pendent Light

  • Contardi Calypso Martinique Pendent Light

  • Contardi Circus Suspension Lamp

  • Eichholtz Gabriel Lantern

  • Calligaris Cygnus Suspension Lamp

  • Eichholtz Spencer Pendant

  • Eichholtz Spencer XL Pendant

  • Eichholtz Tiziano Lantern

  • Eichholtz Matrix Pendant

  • Eichholtz Monticello Pendant

Items 1 to 48 of 83 total

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