Patterned Rugs

Cchoosing a colour and pattern style of your new rug can sometimes be a little time consuming but fun at the same time. We try and make your selection process easy by offering a good range and offering only quality designs and materials. We have persian, striped, floral, abstract and geometric rugs available within our extensive library of quality rugs. Having a rug in your living space is a great way to introduce geometry in your room and it's easy to find one that matches your decor. Adding bursts of colour to your floor can really bring the attention to the floor, a great way to bring attention to a fireplace or coffee table. Shop our rug collection today and get free delivery as standard.

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  • Eichholtz Apollo Beige White Rug

  • Eichholtz Burban Rug

  • Eichholtz Trianon Rug

  • Eichholtz Vintage Patchwork Atmosphere Rug

  • Eichholtz Vintage Patchwork Cloud Rug

  • Eichholtz Artistes Carpet

  • Eichholtz Sakura Carpet

  • Eichholtz Voyage Carpet

  • Eichholtz Palazzo Feather Carpet

  • Eichholtz Palazzo Black and Off White Carpet

  • Eichholtz Warner Rug

  • Eichholtz Wilton Rug

  • Eichholtz Thistle Black & Off White Rug

  • Eichholtz Thistle Grey Rug

  • Eichholtz Caton Black & Off White Rug

  • Eichholtz Apollo Black & Off White Rug

  • Eichholtz Caton Grey Rug

  • Eichholtz Boulay Rug

  • Eichholtz Baldwin Rug

  • Eichholtz Owens Rug

  • Eichholtz Abbot Rug

  • Eichholtz Karine Carpet

  • Eichholtz Evans Carpet

  • Calligaris Medley Rug

  • Calligaris Marocco Rug

  • Calligaris Giano Rug

  • Calligaris Gava Rug

  • Calligaris Gong Rug

  • Calligaris Follower Rug

  • Calligaris Arabia Rug

  • Calligaris Conrad Rug

  • Calligaris Apotema Rug

  • Calligaris Medley Round Rug

  • Calligaris Nadira Rug

  • Eichholtz Celeste Black and off White Carpet

  • Eichholtz George Carpet

  • Eichholtz Harris Sand Carpet

  • Eichholtz Harris Platinum Grey Carpet

  • Eichholtz Shaw Emerald Green Carpet

  • Eichholtz Shaw Brown Grey Carpet

  • Eichholtz Webb Carpet

  • Calligaris Shiny Rug

  • Calligaris Rose Rug

  • Calligaris Africa Rug

44 Item(s)

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