Your office desk is where your ideas flow and you get your thinking cap on. Its the area where you get down to business for emails, writing, studying, planning and everything else! Whether your looking for a desk for a home office or a work office we have all you need to make your desk as productive as possible. When choosing a home office desk there are areas to think about. Do you need storage? What size do you need? Do you need a place for a tower or will it just be used for a laptop? These are all questions you should ask yourself before ordering one of our desks online. The desks we have come with a great deal of options including material, colours & style, all these options will make your next purchase with us a simple one.

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  • Cattelan Italia Storm Desk

    Cattelan Italia Storm Desk

    Price: £1,185.00
  • Eichholtz Manor House Desk

    Eichholtz Manor House Desk

    Price: £1,300.00
  • Eichholtz Paco Desk

    Eichholtz Paco Desk

    Price: £1,700.00
  • Eichholtz_St._Andrew_Desk

    Eichholtz St. Andrew Desk

    Price: £1,500.00
  • Eichholtz Galileo Desk

    Eichholtz Galileo Desk

    Price: £2,800.00
  • Eichholtz Buckingham Desk

    Eichholtz Buckingham Desk

    Price: £2,400.00
  • Eichholtz Lorentz Desk

    Eichholtz Lorentz Desk

    Price: £1,600.00
  • Eichholtz Barton Desk

    Eichholtz Barton Desk

    Price: £1,600.00
  • Eichholtz Lodewijk Xv Desk

    Eichholtz Lodewijk Xv Desk

    Price: £3,960.00
  • Eichholtz Scavullo Desk

    Eichholtz Scavullo Desk

    Price: £2,000.00
  • Eichholtz Marathon Desk

    Eichholtz Marathon Desk

    Price: £2,300.00
  • Eichholtz Convair Left Desk

    Eichholtz Convair Left Desk

    Price: £1,700.00
  • Eichholtz Parquette Desk

    Eichholtz Parquette Desk

    Price: £2,500.00
  • Cattelan Italia Island Desk

    Cattelan Italia Island Desk

    Price: £1,322.00
  • Cattelan Italia DaVinci Desk

    Cattelan Italia DaVinci Desk

    Price: £2,670.00
  • Cattelan Italia Clarion Desk

    Cattelan Italia Clarion Desk

    Price: £1,775.00
  • Cattelan Italia Batik Desk

    Cattelan Italia Batik Desk

    Price: £1,829.00
  • Bontempi Casa Zac Desk

    Bontempi Casa Zac Desk

    Price: £1,153.00
  • Eichholtz Military Writing Table

    Eichholtz Military Writing Table

    Price: £1,000.00
  • Eichholtz Evolution Desk

    Eichholtz Evolution Desk

    Price: £2,900.00
  • Eichholtz Executive Desk

    Eichholtz Executive Desk

    Price: £2,700.00
  • Eichholtz British Desk

    Eichholtz British Desk

    Price: £2,700.00
  • Eichholtz Shaker Desk

    Eichholtz Shaker Desk

    Price: £2,300.00
  • Eichholtz Convair Desk

    Eichholtz Convair Desk

    Price: £1,700.00
  • Eichholtz Orchard Desk

    Eichholtz Orchard Desk

    Price: £2,200.00
  • Porada Saffo Leather Top Writing Desk

    Porada Saffo Leather Top Writing Desk

    Price: £3,108.00
  • Porada Saffo Writing Desk

    Porada Saffo Writing Desk

    Price: £2,914.80
  • Porada Pablo Writing Desk

    Porada Pablo Writing Desk

    Price: £2,652.00
  • Porada Micol Dressing Table

    Porada Micol Dressing Table

    Price: £5,709.60
  • Porada Kepler Writing Desk

    Porada Kepler Writing Desk

    Price: £2,416.80
  • Porada Hugo Writing Desk

    Porada Hugo Writing Desk

    Price: £3,286.80
  • Porada Flavio Office Desk

    Porada Flavio Office Desk

    Price: £16,161.60
  • Porada Afrodite Desk

    Porada Afrodite Desk

    Price: £3,678.00
  • Porada Academy Desk

    Porada Academy Desk

    Price: £2,745.60
  • Calligaris Layers Modern Desk

    Calligaris Layers Modern Desk

    Price: £1,061.00
  • Porada Stylo 140 Writing Desk

    Porada Stylo 140 Writing Desk

    Price: £2,049.60
  • Porada Tom Writing Desk

    Porada Tom Writing Desk

    Price: £7,362.00
  • Eichholtz Montana Desk

    Eichholtz Montana Desk

    Price: £1,800.00
  • Eichholtz Travel Sahara Desk

    Eichholtz Travel Sahara Desk

    Price: £792.00
  • Eichholtz Wing Right Desk

    Eichholtz Wing Right Desk

    Price: £3,300.00
  • Eichholtz Catalina Desk

    Eichholtz Catalina Desk

    Price: £2,530.00
  • Eichholtz Wing Left Desk

    Eichholtz Wing Left Desk

    Price: £3,300.00
  • Eichholtz Equinox Desk & Stool

    Eichholtz Equinox Desk & Stool

    Price: £1,300.00
  • Eichholtz Master Architect Desk

    Eichholtz Master Architect Desk

    Price: £1,430.00
  • Eichholtz Criss Cross Desk

    Eichholtz Criss Cross Desk

    Price: £990.00
  • Eichholtz Shaker Desk

    Eichholtz Shaker Desk

    Price: £1,980.00
  • Eichholtz British Desk

    Eichholtz British Desk

    Price: £2,800.00
  • Calligaris Match Desk with Drawer

    Calligaris Match Desk with Drawer

    Price: £1,061.00

48 Item(s)

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