Dining Chairs

Dining chairs have always been important in our homes. We offer a great range that will fit in any interior plan from contemporary to scandinavian and everything in between! Our dining chairs have a variety of styles including, wood, upholstered, metal, folding and stacking if your looking for that extra bit of space saving. Armchairs, also known as carver chairs are a great addition to add at both ends of a rectangular dining table for more sophisticated dining room decor.

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  • Porada Ionis Chair

  • Porada Andy Armchair

  • Porada Anxie Chair

  • Porada Aretusa Chair

  • Porada Arlekin Chair

  • Porada Chloé Chair

  • Porada Connie Dining Chair

  • Porada Ester Chair

  • Porada Lolita Dining Chair

  • Porada Nissa Dining Chair

  • Porada Eva Chair

  • Porada Noemi Dining Chair

  • Porada Penelope Chair

  • Porada Tama Dining Chair

  • Porada Twist Dining Chair

  • Porada Twist Armchair

  • Porada Lenie Easychair

  • Eichholtz Anvers Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Louis Philip Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Infinity Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Infinity Dining Chair with Arms

  • Eichholtz Porta Romana Dining Armchair

  • Eichholtz Boca Raton Dining Armchair

  • Eichholtz Boca Raton Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Boucheron Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Boca Grande Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Scribe Dining Armchair

  • Eichholtz Scribe Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Bellotti Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Dirand Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Elegant Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Wallace Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Trafalgar Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Turner Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Devon Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Leeds Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Spindel Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Marchese Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Triumph Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Borghese Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Spiral Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Milady Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Garibaldi Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Park Avenue Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Royal Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Megeve Dining Table

  • Eichholtz Devonshire Dining Chair

  • Eichholtz Savannah Dining Chair

Items 1 to 48 of 168 total

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