Cane-Line offer an amazing range of quality outdoor furniture in a wide range of materials. The quality of furniture produced by the Danish manufacturer is why Cane-Line are so respected in the garden furniture industry. All over the world in hotels, restaurants and gardens, Cane-Line adds it's value in comfort and design. The slogan used 'Life Made Comfortable' really sums up the brand. All Cane-Line products are made with the highest quality materials and the production process is environmental friendly, so we don't need to worry about damaging our world! Cane-Line can be seen in 90 different countries worldwide and is by far our most popular outdoor furniture brand at Furnatical.

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  • Cane-Line Frame Shelving System, 4 X Spacers, long

  • Cane-Line Kingston Sunchair

  • Cane-Line Area Table

  • Cane-Line Cover 4 Suitable For Dining Tables up to Ø 190cm Include Chairs

  • Cane-Line Breeze Barstool

  • Cane-Line Stay Warm Plaid

  • Cane-Line Connect Lounge Chair

  • Cane-Line Club Tray Dia (44cm)

  • Cane-Line Newport Carver Chair

  • Cane-Line Rest Double Sunbed

  • Cane-line Square Sofa

  • Cane-Line Diamond Footstool

  • Cane-Line Diamond Weave Footstool

  • Cane-Line Share Dining Table (210x100)

  • Cane-Line Share Coffee Table

  • Cane-Line Flow Lounge Chair

  • Cane-Line Lansing Small Table

  • Cane-Line Botanic Pot

  • Cane-Line Cover 11 Suitable For Lounge Chair

  • Cane-Line Conic Daybed Module

  • Cane-Line Cape Tex Sunbed

  • Cane-Line Lighthouse Teak Small Lantern

  • Cane-Line Core Lounge Chair

  • Cane-Line Defined Outdoor Carpet

  • Cane-Line Straw Lounge Armchair

  • Cane-Line Drum Outdoor Lamp

  • Cane-Line Diamond Tex Armchair

  • Cane-Line Frame Low Shelving System

  • Cane-Line Kapa Lounge Chair

  • Cane-Line Amaze Sunbed

  • Cane-Line Cover 2 Suitable For Dining Tables up to 274cm Include Chairs

  • Cane-Line Breeze Highback Chair

  • Cane-Line Scatter Blue Print Big Cushion

  • Cane-Line Connect Chaiselounge Sofa

  • Cane-Line Copenhagen Bench

  • Cane-Line Core Dining Chair

  • Cane-Line Rest Sunbed

  • Cane-Line Skye Big and Tall Pot

  • Cane-Line Diamond Lounge Chair

  • Cane-Line Diamond Weave 2 Seater Sofa

  • Cane-Line Edge Bench

  • Cane-Line Go Coffee Table

  • Cane-Line Lansing Sofa

  • Cane-Line Avenue Cafe Table Base (Stainless Steel)

  • Cane-Line Cover 9 For Hyde Parasol

  • Cane-Line Chester Footstool/Side Table

  • Cane-Line Avenue Stainless Steel Dining Table Base

  • Cane-Line Lighthouse Large Lantern

Items 1 to 48 of 214 total

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